Summer Programs 2014

Dino O'Dell
Dinosaur O'Dell (a.k.a. Dino) Whether he's counting monsters, fixing spaceships or swimming in peanut butter, Dino's interactive songs and tall tales engage curiosity, inspire laughter and stir the imagination. Before 2003, Dino was an elementary music and drama teacher by day and a folk-rock and reggae musician by night. Now in his tenth year as a family entertainer, his live shows and studio recordings reflect his years of experience as both an educator and a performer; Dino is a master at tricking kids into learning. “We learn best when we are engaged and we are engaged best when the medium is interactive.” says Dino. "And whether it’s a counting song, fill-in-the-blank lyric writing or a sing-a-long, stories and songs tap into our innate desire to comprehend, communicate and connect."
Rocket Man
Rocket man has a special talent with children performing and teaching his knowledge of rockets. The children were inside for the first portion of the program learning the basics of rockets, then got to BUILD THEIR OWN rockets and launch them outside.
Iowa Ghosts and the Afterlife Author Terry Fisk
"Iowa Ghosts and the Afterlife" Fisk discusses his confrontations with the famous skeptic and debunker James Randi. He also describes his ghost investigations with world-renowned medium Allison DuBois (the real-life inspiration for the hit CBS series, Medium) and psychic Chip Coffey (from TV’s Paranormal State and Psychic Kids). This session examines some of the haunted locations in Iowa personally investigated by Mr. Fisk. He will share photos, case histories, eyewitness accounts, and ghost lore. (45 min. lecture with PowerPoint followed by 15 min. Q&A.)
Gingerbread House Workshops
47 Gingerbread house kits were purchased by the Friends of the Library. 45 of those were decorated by children of all ages. 2 were decorated by adults. Everyone had a great time.