Borrow from another library

Our library is connected to other libraries throughout the state and nation. If you can't find an item in this library, ask library staff to help you get it from another library.

If the Library does not hold the materials you need, the ILL staff will try to get it for you. When you submit an Interlibrary Loan request, a staff person will perform a search of thousands of other library catalogs to find the item you need. Once the item is located in another library's collection, we will submit your request in compliance with the library's requirements.

Borrowers are notified by telephone, mail or through their e-mail account as soon as the material is received. A renewal of the loan may be requested unless the lender has specifically indicated "no renewals." If a loan needs to be renewed, the user should submit a request for renewals three days in advance of the item's due date so the permission to renew may be obtained from the lender.

To request materials, contact the Library staff at (319) 827-1533 or if you have any questions send us an e-mail to

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