Meeting Rooms




The Jesup Public Library has a Community Room available for public use by any educational, cultural or other non-commercial civic group.  The community room is not available for events that are intended solely to raise funds other than dues for membership in the sponsoring organization or that are intended for the benefit of a specific individual.


An organization or group desirous of using the Community Room must agree to the following restrictions:


1)    Occupancy is limited to forty-five (45) people and seating to thirty-five (35) people.

2)    Application for permission to use the room shall be made to the Library Director or ranking staff member on duty.

3)    Library, library related, and educational programs have priority in the use of the facility.

4)    Smoking is not permitted on the premises.  No alcohol or controlled substances may be consumed on the premises.

5)    The library reserves the right to assess a $50.00 cleaning or labor charge, if necessary

6)    Groups are responsible for their own set-up, takedown, clean-up, removal of garbage from the premises and the return of the room to its normal condition.  The room must be vacuumed, and all tables and countertops washed off.

7)    Groups accept responsibility for the repair or replacement of damaged or missing facilities or equipment beyond normal wear and tear.

8)    The person signing the reservation will be held responsible for any problems arising and any financial responsibility.

9)    Children’s groups must be supervised by adult sponsors.

10) The fact that a group meets in the library does not constitute an endorsement of the group policies or beliefs.

11)  Materials or decoration on the walls, woodwork or doors is prohibited.      Any materials which may damage the floor are also prohibited.

12) The library will not care for or store any materials for groups or individuals using the facility, nor be responsible for them while they are on the premises.

13) No individuals, groups, organizations, or committees may schedule the community room more than twice a month.

14) No individual or group may charge a fee to persons attending activities that said individual or group conducts.  However, non-profit organizations may solicit nominal memberships and dues upon the premises.

 15) Any individual or representative of a group requesting reservation of the Community Room must do so in person and complete an application form. Said person will be responsible for pick-up and return of the key, locking of all doors and return of room to its normal condition.

16)  All meetings must conclude by 11:00 p.m.  When the meeting concludes, the key must be returned to a library staff member in the library at that time or placed in the book drop if the library is closed.

17) Meetings scheduled during library hours will be such meetings that do not interfere with the normal operation of the library.

18) Light refreshments (non-alcoholic) or light luncheons are permitted.

19) No red juice is permitted.  It will stain the carpet.

20) The use of the library’s name in distributing partisan literature or for an organization’s mailing address will not be allowed.

21) The Library Director is authorized to deny permission for the use of the Community Room to any group or individual that has been disorderly or objectionable in any way, or that have violated these regulations in the past.

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