Specific Mission:

We wish to enhance the quality of the materials available at the Jesup Public Library.  It is our wish to continually provide to the patrons of the Jesup Public Library the best selection of listening & viewing material available.  We believe that this Endowment will help provide additional income to continue increasing the material inventory in the Library.  Please give serious consideration to personally helping to continue a proud tradition of maintaining a very good reading, listening and viewing selection at the Jesup Public Library.


What is the Library Endowment Fund?

The endowment fund is a perpetual fund from which only the earnings are distributed.  The funds are managed by the Endowment Fund Committee.  The committee members are Jesup residents with expertise in financial matters.  The committee is governed by an investment policy that requires the endowment funds to be maintained in a safe and solid investment portfolio.  


The income from the endowment fund is used to enhance the quality of materials and resources available at the library.  The fund provides a responsible program to handle and encourage large gifts and memorials.  An excellent library enables a superior community.

How large must a gift be?

Gifts may be of any size.  Donors to the Fund range from people of relatively modest means to those with large financial resources.

What are the benefits of giving to the Fund?

The Federal Tax Code provides significant incentives for contributions to the Fund.  Gifts to the Fund during a donor's lifetime are deductible to the maximum extent permissible under current tax law.  There also is a significant benefit in the deductibility of gifts of appreciated property.  The full, fair market value of such gifts to the Fund (long term capital gain property such as stocks and bonds, real estate, or personal property) is deductible up to 30% of adjusted gross income.  Charitable deductions can also be used to reduce gift or estate taxes.  The decision to make a sizable charitable gift requires the help of your attorney or accountant.

How to make gifts to the Fund:

If you wish to learn more about making a gift to the Jesup Public Library Endowment Fund, please contact one of our committee members:

Becky Burke

Director, Jesup Public Library

Trela Rottinghaus

President, Jesup Library Board

Donald Weber, CPA

RFSW & Co. CPA's

Patricia Monat, CFP

Monat Wealth Management

Todd Rohlfsen

Dawn Quackenbush

Vice President, BankIowa